8 Elliptical Weight Loss Startegies

The elliptical trainer is a fantastic equipment for cardio because it provides for a brilliant full body work-out, as both a cardio-training (prior to weight-exercises) or solely on its own. The elliptical trainer has become the much more effective substitute to the treadmill in almost all the major health-centers across the globe. The weight-loss aspect brought about by this machine is also of great importance, as the difference in essence with respect to the tread-mill, is much more pronounced.

The elliptical weight-loss can be brought about by a range of exercises, either by tweaking the ‘settings’ on the machine itself or by adjusting the body posture or by changing the intensity of the exercise itself. So, for all you enthusiasts, here below are the ‘8 Elliptical Weight Loss Strategies’.

Hill Climber

In this exercise, you need to choose the ‘Hill’ program on the ‘settings’. Normally the setting would provide a couple of ‘repeats’. Therefore, in order to mimic the Hill-climbing form, you would need to hold the middle of both the handles at the front. Now, for the next ‘repeat’, you could move your hands higher up and so forth. It is one of the most effective elliptical workouts for high-cardio and increased weight-loss.

The Ladder

The elliptical benefits of this exercise are immense as it is very high-intensity. Firstly, you need to divide the workout into ‘15 min spells’ with ‘recovery-breaks’ in between. The 15 mins of elliptical workouts will consist of a gradual increase in ‘ramp’ and ‘resistance’ of the machine following which one could either switch to body-weight squats or lunges within that recovery-break for a high-intensity weight loss exercise.

Short Intervals (High Intensity)

For this technique, the key is the sudden change in intensity, wherein you could start at a very high ‘resistance’ using the handles to generate high rotation per minute (rpm). Subsequently, after a stipulated amount of time, you need to follow this up with very low resistance movement for the same amount of time. The elliptical benefits in terms of sheer weight-loss, is pretty pronounced in this one, as the body does not have a proper ‘rest’ period rather a continuous-unbroken-cycle.

The Treadmill

This elliptical workout can be a huge boon, when the treadmill isn’t free! For this exercise, all you need to do is let go of the handles at the front. The body posture should be brought back to a ‘normal running position’, but the difference here is that the initial movement to generate the momentum at an elliptical trainer is much more than a regular treadmill. The body should mimic a running-position with hands by your side.

The Glutes-Workout

The elliptical benefits of this exercise apart from the usual weight-loss would include increased stress on the glutes, i.e., the posterior-muscles. It can be achieved by just regulating the ‘resistance’ and ‘ramp’ of the machine through a period of 30-35 mins. Start with a low intensity workout then gradually hit your peak and then slow down the intensity again. The major difference in this compared to other elliptical workouts is that you need to press with your heels and not with your entire foot!


In this exercise all you need to do is just let go of the handles out at the front. Your body using its core will try to balance itself and thereby the muscles of your core will work harder. High intensity is highly recommended!

Full Body

This full-body workout is immensely beneficial yet the technique is very simple. The basis of this technique is to ‘mix-it-up’, so while gradually increasing the resistance and incline, one can try a variety of permutations. Eg: – ‘hands’, ‘no-hands’, ‘hands-push’, ‘hands-pull’, ‘backward-with-hands’ and so on.

Shrinking Recovery

The elliptical weight-loss in this technique is high as is the intensity. So, in this workout, one needs to divide the total time into ‘sets’ with ‘recovery’ time in between, which decreases gradually. Thus, with the first set, once you are done, the recovery time might be 30-seconds and you can shave off 5 seconds with each gradual ‘recovery’ period.

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