Best Elliptical Trainer Reviews

With the sheer expanse of Elliptical Trainer Brands in the market, it’s often hard to figure out the Best Elliptical Trainer that meets all your requirements, whilst fitting your spending capacity. This is why it’s very important to refer to a systematic buying guide, and thereon make a comparative analysis of the pros and cons of the various available options from each manufacturer. Don’t worry we’ve eased out the process for you, by researching on and reviewing the Best Elliptical Machines!

Your Quest for the Best Elliptical Machine ends here!

If you’re keen about working out, but suffer from week knees or a sensitive back, then an elliptical trainer is bang-on what you need for your home gym. While there are umpteen number of variables, customization and hi-tech features offered by different Elliptical Trainer Manufacturers, always remember that the best elliptical trainer is one that assists you with natural, fluid motions, intrinsic to the human body, and thereby affect your joints and sensitive areas minimally.

Reviewing Criteria

Here’s a snapshot of the criteria that determines the course of our Best Elliptical Trainer Reviews.

  1. Size and Design: Is the elliptical machine sturdy and well-constructed? Is the design apt for your home gym aesthetics? Moreover, if you have limited space to spare, it’s always suggested that you opt for a compact, portable elliptical machine, or a wheeled one, or one that can be folded after use.
  2. Comfort and Ergonomics: From the space and size of the foot pedals and the foot-stepping height, to cushioned grip bars, adjustable incline, stride, resistance and flywheel, these are the most defining aspects of a well-constructed elliptical machine.
  3. Safety: Check out the various safety features like slip-resistance, feet spacing, any protruding parts, ease of using the stop button etc.
  4. Advanced Features and Personalization: Does the machine have in-built memory for personalized workout programs? Is it iPod Compatible, does it have a USB charging point, water bottle holder etc? Does it enable wireless data transfer to your computer or mobile app for? These are the major questions pondered over in this area.
  5. Console: Does the Console have a back-light for easy reading? Is it user-friendly? While some consoles are meant to fulfill basic user requirements by displaying the speed, distance covered, heart rate etc, others are much more hi-tech and possess in-built entertainment features.
  6. Warranty and Maintenance: Most reputed brands offer lifetime frame warranty, while the labor and parts warranty varies from 90 days to 1 year, differing from model to model. Also check if they have a customer support helpline and what kind of after-sale services they offer.
We hope the above criterion will definitely go a long way in helping you adjudge the best elliptical trainer to help achieve your fitness goals. And don’t forget to go through our comprehensive Buying Guide for further in-sights!

Best Elliptical Machines