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Hi and welcome to EllipticalPros.com! We exclusively deal with elliptical machines and are best known for our exhaustive yet concise elliptical reviews. If you haven’t yet made up your mind on which elliptical to buy, then you are at the right place because our aim is to help you figure out the best elliptical for your home gym.

In full disclosure, we don’t test every single model and make coming out in the market. Our funds are short and thus to better utilize our resources we look only at those brands that are popular among buyers. We prefer purchasing our test units when possible but also accept new models from manufacturers and only after reviewing them over a month or so do we actually give our final thoughts.

To help you choose the right equipment, our elliptical machine reviews are designed in tandem with our extensive buying guide. Before browsing through our reviews, you may want to read the elliptical machine buying guide (optional).

Remember, with an elliptical machine you never again have to miss days running or walking due to inclement weather. In fact, having one at home lets you work out based on your routine, anytime.

schwinn elliptical

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Known for reliable products, Schwinn ensures every elliptical machine undergoes excessive stress testing and will last the duration. With automated programs, sturdy construction and a plethora of technological additions, you simply can’t go wrong with them.

nordictrack elliptical

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NordicTrack machines continue to be the most sought after cardio equipment in the world. With a widespread network of distributors, finding one brand new or on sale is rather easy. In fact, in all our elliptical reviews we felt their models faired the best overall.

proform elliptical

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This company is not as expensive as the other big brands but yet reliable. If you really need one in a hurry and aren’t sure if you will use it for long, go with ProForm elliptical machines – you simply cannot go wrong with them.

Why Buy An Elliptical?

Not everyone can go the gym on a regular basis. But then, that should not perturb you from exercising on a regular basis. After all, exercise is the best way to stay healthy. Elliptical trainers help you work out in the comfort of your home taking care of your cardio needs, stretching the leg muscles, working on your back and even tasking your biceps and triceps, to a certain extent.

An elliptical machine will let you exercise regularly, maintain a routine of sorts without spending time traveling to and fro to the gym every day. Ultimately, it lets you spend more time with your family. Talking of family, elliptical machines are perfect as a family machine. They can be used by children, grandparents and even guests. Some even come with pre-programmable or tracking software that keeps tab of each user’s individual achievements or daily routines. Our elliptical machine reviews talk in depth on the software and programmability factor – which according to us is the key to maintaining a regular routine.

There are additional benefits to keeping an elliptical at home. Taking a walk or run on it does not tax your ankle or foot at all. With a concrete footing, your body is never subjected to the same punishment as it would if you were running or walking at the park where the surface is curved, bumpy and at times slippery too. Besides the chances of twisting your ankle, getting chased by dogs in the park are next to slim. LOL

Brands Reviewed On EllipticalPros.com

Not all elliptical machines are made the same. Features differ and so does the construction – it isn’t always about the price. The brands that we review here range from hundred dollars to a few thousand but they are all wise investments. No use going with cheap third world companies if you can’t use it for more than a year. Here are some of the best elliptical brands that we review for you.

NordicTrackProFormSchwinnLife FitnessHorizonWeslo

How To Evaluate An Eliptical Machine

The best elliptical is not the one which costs the most or comes with a fancy console. In fact, it depends solely on your needs. To a fitness freak, a top-of-the-line NordicTrack or Life Fitness makes sense but to an average home user, a Weslo will do just fine. Here are five important things to consider in elliptical reviews.




Ease of Use

Durability & Service