Elliptical Benefits – More Than Just Weight Loss


It is a known fact that everyone these days is extremely conscious about health and fitness. While weight loss is primarily the main driving force behind people joining fitness centres and gyms, there are also those, who opt for fitness regimes to obtain more benefits than just shedding pounds. Unlike treadmills, which are the most sought after exercise equipment, its alternate – the elliptical trainer, is a better option. Elliptical benefits are manifold and with regular workouts high quality fitness can be achieved.

The elliptical benefits are as follows:

  • The first and obvious advantage of elliptical workouts is fast weight loss. High intensity training on elliptical can render in fast and increased weight loss.
  • If there are aged members in the family, then elliptical workouts are a great way of upholding bone health. With age, bones become weak and as much as it is important to maintain muscle power, it is also equally important to keep up the bone strength. A great way of doing this is through low impact elliptical weight loss workouts.
  • Since, this trainer has an overall impact on the body, it increases the body flexibility.
  • Regular exercise on elliptical trainers facilitates in bringing down cholesterol levels.
  • Ellipticals are a great mode of cardio exercises and generates better results than regular treadmills. Further, this helps in maintaining a good heart condition and improves blood circulation.
  • It goes without saying that there is a dip in health problems, in general, as well.
  • Additionally, it is great for the joints as opposed to treadmills. It has been fund that people, who use the treadmill on a regular basis, are more prone to developing joint problems as compared to those using elliptical trainers.
  • Apart from weight loss, one can also attain a completely toned body. Since, it focuses on a total body workout rather than any particular part, fitness enthusiasts would absolutely love this machine. This comparison is done mostly in relation to treadmills, which offer a similar cardio workout but focus only on the lower body and legs.

Having gone through the numerous elliptical benefits, other than weight loss, it is not surprising that it is quickly making its way in the fitness world leaving the treadmill behind. Furthermore, apart from the health benefits an added advantage is that it requires less maintenance as compared to treadmills – one need not worry about changing the belt, bolts and bearings. Since, there is reduced movement of the machine the parts undergo lesser friction not requiring frequent repairs or service. Hence, if you still do not own an elliptical, you have more than enough reasons now to bring one to your home gym. On the other hand, if you haven’t started using the elliptical in the fitness center/ gym, hop on to it the next time!

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