Is Exercise Good or Bad When Sick?

For many who just started out on the road to better health and veterans of health consciousness, a common predicament is, “What to do when you are sick?”. Should you work out or take a prolonged break?

We are creatures of habit and exercise is more of a habit that you fall into so taking an extended break can just as easily break the habit. This is why many folks prefer exercising even when they are sick, albeit at a reduced intensity and mostly indoors. But, is it safe? Should you be even getting out of bed when you have a raging fever? PrecisionNutrition has a rather detailed infographic out on how to safely exercise when you are safe.


Our Take

Since you already have an elliptical or a treadmill at home, depending on how weak or stressed out you feel because of your illness, do some light cardio sessions. “Brief vigorous workouts does not cause immune supressing effect” – or in other words, take no more than 5 to 10 minutes of vigorous elliptical sessions and then relax as the sweat builds up.

But, if you are already well on the road to recovery you could ease back into your usual routine and come closer to your workout times and resistance levels.

Why We Believe In Exercising Through An Illness

You are sick, it is a perfectly good reason to not get out of bed but any illness that drains your energy can just as well take away the urge to resume your daily workout routines. Instead by exercising a little through your poor health, you keep the habit and even speed up your recovery. Acquired immunity, it seems benefits from exercise even when you are sick.

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