High Intensity Training With Elliptical Workouts For Weight Loss

An elliptical workout has become the latest fat-burning craze since it provides a unique full-body cardio workout as opposed to regular treadmills. It comprises of a central hub connected to two foot-pedal-platforms and two ski-like handles at the front. The elliptical movement begins when the person stands on the platforms while his/her hands hold the handles at the front and thus via moving one’s legs forward, the pedals produce an elliptical motion while the handles move to-and-fro in front of the user.

A High Intensity Training (HIT) in general scores above any normal workout structure. The major advantages of the HIT format have been shown below:

  • Production of anti-oxidants- During a HIT, the body produces anti-oxidants to protect the damage being done to the cells along with some free-radicals. These anti-oxidants prevent injury to the body and delay the fatigue caused in general.
  • Production of nitric oxide- The body also produces nitric oxide during a HIT, thereby helping in the regulation of blood flow to the muscles. Increased blood flow to the muscles means more nutrients transported to the muscle and consequently a better cardio-system. Furthermore, the body also becomes better at healing itself.
  • Increased cardiovascular ability- By putting the heart under HIT, it increases its ‘response-time’ to any sudden start-stop workout, thus increasing the heart’s ability in general.
  • Heightened metabolic rate- After a HIT, the overall metabolic rate of the body remains high for over a period of time post the training itself. Therefore, one could be resting post a workout but still be burning the unwanted fat.
  • Reduction of wear and tear- One major positive of a HIT is that the sudden start-stop makes the body more attune to rest during the stop period. As a result, it helps in reducing the chance of any wear and tear of the muscle.

The High Intensity Training (HIT) could be incorporated into an elliptical workout, so as to maximize the workout. The best part about using an elliptical is that it can allow the user to change the nature of the workout from moderate to intense in a matter of seconds. Since the body does not come to terms with this sudden change, as a reaction to this it ends up shedding way more calories than on a regular treadmill with a steady movement.

Another amazing fact about the elliptical workout and HIT is that just about anyone can do it i.e., one does not need to be a seasoned trainer to undergo HIT on an elliptical. For example, a HIT on the elliptical could be something as simple as pedaling high speed for 45 seconds followed by 2 minutes of moderate speed. Besides, ‘intense’ in this sense shouldn’t be limited to just the high speed, rather it is about the suddenness of the change from moderate to high to low to high again. Basically giving the body a shock!

Check the featured image above for a brief on HIIT using elliptical trainers.

The normal elliptical workouts could be well amalgamated with the HIT; all that needs to be done is the sudden burst of change of ‘intensity’ in that workout and always keeping the body guessing. In short, almost being one step ahead of your body at all times.

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