Horizon Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Manufactured by the Taiwan-based Johnson Health Tech with over 30 years of experience in rendering premium fitness solutions, Horizon Elliptical Trainers are nothing short of world-class! Horizon Fitness brings you the ultimate combination of performance, comfort, ergonomics and entertainment. Equipped with technological marvels like Variable Response Cushioning, Feather-light Folding, ViaFit Connectivity, Magnetic Brake Resistance etc, these elliptical trainers have a varied range of offerings to meet all your low-impact workout needs. Not to forget, their Six Star Certified Frame, which boasts of top-notch quality and reliability!

Why Buy Horizon Elliptical Trainers?

With comfortable features, various adjustment levels and easy stride, the Horizon Elliptical Trainers ensure that your joints do not bear the brunt of your fitness ambitions! Most of the models are compact and will not occupy much space in your home gym. While you shouldn’t forget to go through the host of unique features mentioned in the next section, do take a look at the three distinct series of elliptical trainers available.

  1. QuickStart Series from Horizon Fitness: Functional, comfortable and affordable, this is what budget-buyers with basic requirements should certainly be vying for!
  2. Evolve Series from Horizon Fitness: With intermediate features like ViaFit App Connectivity, larger in-built memory etc, for those who wish to strike a balance between technological advancement and affordability
  3. Elite Series from Horizon Fitness: These are hi-tech elliptical trainers with top-of-the-line offerings for those who wish to invest in an advanced workout equipment for life!

Unique Features to watch out for!

Horizon Elliptical Trainers have certain exclusive features that differentiate them from other elliptical trainers. Let’s see what they are!
  • SixStar Frame Certification – Certifies that you’re in for the most authentic user-experience with seamless movements
  • Zero Gap Overlapping Pedal Motion- Protects your back and hips from undue stress
  • Low Step-on height- No more struggling to mount, especially a boon for those with short stature!
  • Ergonomic Handlebar Spacing for comfort and safety
  • Large Drive Pulley Ratio for efficient motions
  • Magnetic Brake Resistance to help you scale new plateaus gradually
  • ViaFit Connectivity- App Syncing for quick, efficient data transfer and real-time tracking
  • Feather-light Folding- Hydraulic Folding System for easy storage

The best part about Horizon Elliptical Trainers is that there’s a definite scale of advancement as you start from the most basic models to the most sophisticated ones, in terms of features, customization, entertainment, in-built programs etc; so there’s one that’s just right for you, and for everyone else!

Best Horizon Elliptical Trainers


Horizon Fitness EX-59-02

Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 Review

With its nominal pricing and host of advanced features, the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 aims to make state-of-the-art fitness technology within the reach of low and mid-range buyers. Whilst enabling well-coordinated lower and upper body movements for a rigorous workout in terms of calorie-burning, the impact on your joints remains minimal, thanks to its well-researched and patented SixStar Frame!