Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer

Life Fitness X3 Track Cross Trainer Review
Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer Quick Recap
  • Size and Design - 80
  • Comfort & Ergonomics - 90
  • Safety - 90
  • Advanced Features - 90
  • Console - 90
  • Warranty & Maintenance - 90


A proper upgrade on the X1 Cross Trainer, this version packs a lot more features and is better built too.

Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer

The Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer happens to be amongst the latest models unveiled by Life Fitness Elliptical, and being a self-confessed fitness freak (and a bigger fan of this iconic fitness brand), I just couldn’t resist the urge to purchase this elliptical on Amazon. Yet another reason for picking out this cross trainer is that it happens to be a rear-drive model with a stride length of 20 inches. Since nobody in the family is very tall, this stride and design is really comfortable. If you’re very tall, I’d suggest that you opt for a front drive model such as the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02 or the ProForm Endurance 520E elliptical trainer. Well, the Amazon delivery was quite prompt (nothing surprising about that!) and it took me about 2 hours to set up the machine and understand how to use it. Thankfully we have a spacious gym room, because this is definitely not a portable or foldable trainer. It more or less resembles commercial elliptical trainers, although it’s not as bulky!

Now moving over to the operational part, I should first tell you that this is indeed one of the most silent ellipticals I’ve ever come across. I can recollect the Life Fitness X1 Go Cross -Trainer being extremely smooth and noise-free, but this advanced model is far better! Comfort-wise, I’m more than satisfied, be it with the 20 inches adjustable stride, 7 inches step-up height, non-slip pedals or the well-cushioned hand-grips! And you get to chose between two different consoles-the economical Go+ and the advanced Track console. I had to go with the latter, since my daughter wanted one that’s iPod compatible. It comes with 14 awesome built-in workout programs to specific muscle-group targeting , 12 customizable programs and 4 user profiles; so plenty of choices for everyone in the house!

Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer Features and Specifications

  • Extra-quiet functioning owing to WhisperStride Technology (with specialized ball bearings that align on their own to ensure zero noise)
  • High-rate calorie burning with minimal stress on joints
  • Pre-fed, Muscle-Specific Workout Programs like Arm Toner , Glute Toner etc
  • Firm-grip stationary hand handles with built-in heart-rate sensor
  • Two Console Choices- Go Console and Track+ Console
  • Includes Lifetime Frame Warranty + 3 Years Parts Warranty + 1 Year Labor Warranty

Size and Design – 8/10

The Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer is weighed at around 215 pounds, while the maximum user weight it can accommodate is 350 pounds. I have absolutely no qualms in telling you that this elliptical trainer from Life Fitness is extremely well-constructed, with meticulous attention to detail. As a matter of fact, it happens to be one of the most revolutionary rear drive elliptical trainers I’ve ever used. But the only downside is that it occupies a lot of space (with dimensions of 81 x 30 x 59 inches), and you can neither roll it (like other wheeled models), nor fold it!

Comfort and Ergonomics – 9/10

An intuitive, holistic body-workout is what this Life Fitness Elliptical promises, and I’m quite elated to tell you that these claims are not far-fetched at all! As you pedal your way through, you can feel your heart pacing and the console telling you exactly how many calories you’ve burned, but you’ll feel that it’s an absolute cakewalk and a strain-free experience, as compared to running on the treadmill or in the park. That’s shows the amount of biomechanical research that’s been put in by Life Fitness!

Safety – 9/10

Amongst the safety features of the Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer, the most noteworthy aspect is that you get a premium equipment mat as an optional add-on, along with the machine, to ensure an extra stable platform for working out. I’d definitely suggest you opt for this mat, since it will also ensure the longevity of the equipment and your precious floor! Apart from this, all standard safety measures such as oversized, non-slip and well-spaced pedals, cushioned hand grips, adjustable stride and low step-on length (7 inches) are pretty much at par with the best industry standards!

Pictures of Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer

Advanced Features and Personalization – 9/10

Should you want to exercise your lower body only, Life Fitness does provide you with that option, with its ErgoGrip Stationary Handlebars. As far as heart-rate monitoring is concerned, you have the option of either using the wireless chest strap, or use the ones that are pre-fixed within the stationary handlebars and the multi-grip handles. With highly specific and professionally-regimented programs such as Arm Toner and Glute Toner, it’s possible to really focus on different parts of the body that you need to work on!

Console – 9/10

If you’re a big fan of hi-tech features, I’d recommend you opt for the Track+ Console instead of the Go Console. The Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer is amongst the few renowned home elliptical trainer that boasts of an e-personal trainer in the form of Coach Zone. Coach Zone is basically an inclusion in the Track+ Console, wherein you’ll get to 14 interactive workout programs, and 12 others that you can personalize yourself. This console is also compatible with all major Android phones, iPhones, iPods and iPads, and offers real-time tracking. Should you wish to opt for something more basic, go ahead with the Go Console which has 12 built-in programs and 2 additional ones that you can tweak up!

Warranty and Maintenance – 9/10

Life Fitness Elliptical does not disappoint on account of warranty and after-sale services. They have an efficient and reachable customer support team. In fact I had an issue with the flywheel getting squeaky after about 4 months of use, but I only had to give them one call, and they sent a technician to resolve the issue immediately. I’ve faced no maintenance hassles since then (it’s close to an year now!) and just so you know, the frame warranty is for lifetime, while the parts are covered for 3 years and labor-related issues for 1 year!

Final Verdict – 8.8/10

The Life Fitness X3 Track Cross-Trainer is an immaculately-designed elliptical trainer that not only facilitates your daily, low-impact cardio routine, but also has an a host of amazing features and workout programs to work on various muscle groups in your lower and upper body. On the whole, a smooth, silent and sturdy piece of fitness equipment, suitable for users of all age groups and fitness levels!

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