Proform Elliptical Trainer Reviews

While Proform is known for the cutting-edge Proform Elliptical Trainer Series, you might not be aware of the fact that this highly reputed brand name actually hails from the Utah-based Icon Health and Fitness Company, founded way back in 1977. Armed with tons of expertise in manufacturing fitness equipment, Proform brings you the best of both worlds- low impact and high power!

Why buy Proform Elliptical Trainers?

Bestowed with durable construction, magnetic-resistance technology for silent operation, intuitive features, and a number of adjustable options for delivering a highly personalized experience, Proform Elliptical Trainers are extremely-coveted in the fitness arena, be it amongst newbies who want to set foot with some low-intensity cardio, or seasoned users who are looking for a smooth, well-structured workout with continual progress-tracking.

In fact, the amazing range of elliptical training equipment from the Proform brand comes in three different categories.

  1. Front Drive Models
  2. Rear Drive Models
  3. Hybrid Series

While some you might prefer the Front Drive Models where the motor is situated towards the front, others might want to opt for the rear drive ones where the motor is located at the back of the elliptical trainer. You should also note that most rear drive elliptical trainers from the Proform brand also come with SpaceSaver technology; so those of you who cannot spare much space at home, can still afford to get hold of a Proform Rear Drive Elliptical Trainer, and give flight to your fitness ambitions! And finally for those of you who’re on the lookout for a highly versatile and well-priced elliptical trainer, then you ought to pick one right off the Hybrid Series!

Unique Features to watch out for!

Now here’s the big question. What do Proform Elliptical Trainers have to offer in terms of their unique selling points? Let’s take a look!
  • Cushioned Upper Body Grip with Feet Leveler
  • Magnetic Resistance Technology for a discreet home-workout
  • Power Adjustable Ramp and Stride
  • Back-lit Console that’s compatible with iFit Wireless Module as well as with iPods
  • Comfort-features like Water Bottle-Holder, Integrated Tablet Holder, USB-charging Station etc
  • Frame Warranty period for basic models is 5 years, while advanced models have lifetime frame warranty (parts and labor warranty being 1 year for the entire series
  • Hybrid Elliptical Trainers offer mix of endurance training and performance training

Available in different price ranges and with varying sets of features to meet all kinds of budgetary constraints and training requirements, Proform Elliptical Trainers are definitely worth your investment!

Best Proform Elliptical Trainers


Proform Endurance 520

Proform Endurance 520 Review

Attune your body to a low-intensity, yet highly energetic fitness routine, with the Proform Endurance 520. Ideally priced, user-friendly and replete with mid-level features, this elliptical trainer is the right addition for your home gym, especially when you need to strike the perfect balance between price point and value!