Proform Endurance 520 Review

Proform Endurance 520 Review
Proform 520 Endurance Quick Recap
  • Size and Design - 80
  • Comfort & Ergonomics - 90
  • Safety - 80
  • Advanced Features - 80
  • Console - 90
  • Warranty & Maintenance - 80


Well built, ergonomic and definitely budget friendly, this trainer however does lack certain advance features like in-built fans and calorie tracking.

Proform Endurance 520 Review

Keen for a professionally-structured workout within the comfort your home? The Proform Endurance 520 makes it outright feasible! For those who’re completely new to the realm of home workout equipment, Proform is a globally-recognized fitness brand. Hence, when you’re trying to narrow down on the best elliptical trainers in the market, you’ll definitely come across Proform Elliptical Reviews. In this regard, the Proform Endurance 520 boasts of high user ratings, versatility, fluid operation and fantastic pricing!

What I personally liked best about this elliptical was that it took me just half an hour to assemble all its parts and get started. Also considering that my daughter has her cardio routine early in the morning and the gym room is right next to our bedroom, this virtually noise-free machine has been a savior of sorts! The five set positions of its 20 degrees adjustable incline, helps you train your calf muscles, quads and glutes, apart from creating your favorite mock-outdoor settings to the hilt! With its 18 different pre-set workout programs constituted by certified fitness trainers, you get to experiment with various levels of speed, intensity, incline, resistance and calorie burning. All the more, syncing this elliptical trainer with the iFit app enables you to use Google Maps and replicate trails, right from Mongolia to Ecuador!

Proform Endurance 520 Elliptical Features and Specifications

  • Equipped with in-built Grip Pulse System for detecting heart rate
  • Provides diverse range of workout modules with 18 apps, varied digital resistance (18 levels)
  • Stride adjustable between 18” to 20” and Incline Adjustable to 20 degrees
  • Compatible with iFit Wireless Module for Fitness Tracking
  • Additional Comfort Features like Soft Grip, Console with Smartphone/Tab holder, USB Charging Point, iPod Compatibility, 2-In Built Speakers etc.
  • Hi-tech flywheel with inertia enhanced to 15 Lb for smooth and silent strokes
  • Support Maximum User Weight of 300 Pounds
  • Comes with Lifetime Warranty on Elliptical Frame and 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor

Size and Design – 8/10

The Proform Endurance 520 has a non-foldable, front -drive design with dimensions of 65 x 30 x 18 inches, and weighs close to 200 pounds. This means that the flywheel and the motor are located up front, and this trainer is especially suited for tall users with long stride. Weight-wise, it’s definitely on the heavy side, but the good news is that it has front wheels; so you can easily move it around for cleaning, or even taking it to another room! On the whole, it has a very contemporary and hip design (my teenage daughter loved the black and red combination!) The frame is made of commercial-gauge solid steel and I wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s durable enough to last for a lifetime!

Comfort and Ergonomics – 9/10

Proform has definitely paid a lot of attention towards this elliptical trainer’s comfort features. A number of users tend to switch over from treadmills to ellipticals, solely owing to the fact that ellipticals facilitate excellent levels of calorie-burning, without adversely affecting your joints and ensuring maximum comfort. So your rigorous cardio routine is backed up by soft-touch upper body grips, well-secured oversized pedals, adjustable leveling feet and a high grade15-pound flywheel that helps you mimic natural and fluid motions like walking, stair climbing, jogging etc with utmost ease!

Safety – 8/10

Looking at Proform Elliptical Reviews in general, it’s a given fact that this reputed brand puts in a lot of emphasis on ensuring that necessary safety features are in place, with all its home elliptical trainers. This Proform Elliptical lets you adjust your stride length between 18 to 20” so that end up with your head hitting the roof! There are no obstructive parts, the front wheels are lockable, and there are clear angle-markings so that you don’t go overboard with the variable incline! Lest I forget, there’s a clear California Prop 65 Warning for Dangerous Chemicals mentioned near the safety instructions, but I guess that’s a routine warning that comes with a number of elliptical machines.

Pictures of Proform Endurance 520

Advanced Features and Personalization – 8/10

Looking for better workout challenge? Just increase the resistance to 18 different levels, heighten the incline up to 20 degrees, or just take your pick from amongst the 18 varied workout apps! The Proform Endurance 520 offers plenty of scope for you to scale new workout plateaus and summits every day, and although being a budget model, it lacks certain add-ons like a fan or personalized calorie-tracking, it nevertheless provides you with plenty of flexibility to pick the workout options that are best-suited for you! For instance, the upper-body grips are endowed with EKG Pulse Technology to read your heart rate immediately. As far as the question of entertainment is concerned, there are absolutely no qualms! You have in-built speakers, iPod compatibility to play your favorite tracks out aloud, and if you prefer using headphones, you can place your smartphone, tab or iPod on the holder and charge it in the USB socket.

Console – 9/10

I’m a big fan of crystal-clear consoles, and this Proform Elliptical model has left me mighty impressed! The console has a big LCD Panel that’s 5 inches wide and has a light blue backlight display that makes the digits all the more visible, even when it’s dark.

Warranty and Maintenance – 8/10

When it comes to the issue of warranty, the great thing is that despite its budget-pricing, the Proform Endurance 520 comes with a lifetime frame warranty (which several expensive elliptical machines do not offer). The warranty for parts and labor is limited to one year, which again is pretty good. The only maintenance issue that I’ve faced during the course of eight months of having used this machine, was that the mechanism to switch the resistance suddenly stopped working. But when I called up the Proform Helpline, they were extremely proactive and helped me resolve the issue on my own!

Final Verdict – 8.3/10

More than anything else, this home elliptical training machine from Proform is highly responsive to your workout requirements, with no unnecessary add-ons or sophisticated features. If you’re a budget-buyer on the lookout for a reliable elliptical trainer with rock-solid performance, the Proform Endurance 520 is definitely a great choice!

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