The War Of Fitness – Elliptical Or Treadmill?


In the last few years, with changing lifestyle, exercise has also become a part of daily regime. While for some exercising can be as important as inhaling oxygen, some, on the other hand, like to keep it minimal in order to achieve an overall healthy body. If you pitch in the idea to your family of purchasing a fitness machine for the house, invariably the most common answer will be a treadmill because it is in fact probably the most commonly used exercise equipment. However, you need to pause and reconsider your choice since an alternative is available, which might be more feasible and a better option. Hence, the answer to elliptical or treadmill will be quite clear by the end of this article.

Elliptical trainers, also known as ‘cross trainers’, have gained popularity over the last few years because of its remarkable results. Compared to its close counterpart, the treadmill, elliptical benefits have certainly proved its worth in the fitness world. At the outset, of course, both provide intense cardio workouts, walking or jogging, which help in weight loss. Nevertheless, when you go into the nitty-gritty details you will find that elliptical trainers do go an extra mile. A small comparison between the two will give you more clarity:

  • Unarguably both help in shedding calories but when it comes to toning the body elliptical trainers have an upper-hand. While the effect of treadmill is absolutely striking on your lower body, it does not do much for the upper half as opposed to its elliptical counterpart, which provides great shape to the entire body toning the upper as well as lower body.
  • A low-impact workout is another feature of elliptical benefits, which in turn minimises chances of injuries during exercise. Hence, it is advisable that people with health problems like joint pain, knee or back problems, etc. should go for elliptical trainers instead of treadmills. The latter is a high impact machine and does affect your knees in the long run.
  • Moreover, if you do not have age on your side, elliptical trainer should be your choice without a second thought.
  • Unlike treadmills, elliptical trainers have models which are recumbent thereby assuring a lesser stress while exercising. This is also beneficial for older people and for those with health problems as mentioned above.
  • Budget is definitely one of the first things that pop into your mind before making any purchase or investment. Even though both the machines have a broad price band ranging from affordable to very expensive ones, depending on the model and features, on an average elliptical costs lesser than treadmills.
  • Since there are no drive motors in elliptical as opposed to treadmills, the chances of damage and becoming inoperable are very less. Consequently, you also have to spend less on maintenance.
Irrespective of which machine you choose, elliptical or treadmill, the ultimate result on weight loss will depend on your intensity of exercise and the amount of effort you put in. However, it is unsubtle that elliptical benefits eclipses that of treadmills and one can achieve optimum results with minimum impact and lesser ill-effects.


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